Xcell Automation is the result of a management buyout (MBO) of Komax Solar.

Even though Xcell Automation is a new company with a new name, most Komax Solar customers will not notice much of a change. The same people will be conducting the same business out of the same locations. With manufacturing in the USA and China as well as spare parts and service in North America, Europe, and Asia, Xcell Automation is well positioned to serve your module assembly needs.

Xcell Automation will maintain the same global footprint as Komax Solar and will operate its corporate headquarters out of Komax Solar’s existing York, PA USA facility. The new company will be led by Brian Micciche (President & CEO) as well as Pete Kostic (VP Sales), Bill Duncan (VP Operations), and David Heath (Controller). Mr. Micciche founded ASCOR in 1994, served as President after selling the company to the Komax Group in 2000, and drove the formation of the Komax Solar business unit.

The recently launched X3 is the latest offering in the Xcell series of “stringers” and will serve as the flag ship product for Xcell Automation. The X3 represents the latest evolution of the Xcell family of stringers with a throughput which exceeds industry standards by 30% and a cost of ownership which is 18% below the competition. Its many advanced features are the result of many years of experience combined with customer feedback.

In the beginning, the Komax Group will be a minority shareholder in Xcell Automation. Both the management team and the Komax Group have invested equity into Xcell Automation and have secured loans and credit facilities to sufficiently fund operations and to assure that the X3 will remain the world’s most advanced stringer.

Meet The Leadership Team

Brian Micciche

President & CEO

William Duncan

Vice President of Operations

Pete Kostic

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

David Heath

Controller & HR