Custom Solutions

Custom Solutions

Xcell Automation is your partner when you need more than the standard machine.

We are here for you if you have:

  • A great idea and want to create it.
  • A proven process in the lab and want to expand it.
  • Next-generation technology available and want to utilize it in mass production.

With over 17 years of advanced automation experience, our expert engineering team can develop your vision into functional automation equipment for lab-use or mainstream production.

When starting your custom project, our Project Management team is focused to benefit you and your needs through:

  • Proactive management of your project’s schedule, budget & scope
  • Candid & forthright communications with your team
  • Development & implementation of plans for any program concerns
  • Hands-on management for project risks & quality
  • Utilization of project management tools
  • Continuously strict control & accountability for subcontracted efforts
  • Continuous improvement of the Project Management system